OSCRE's education, training and tools will help you build your digital transformation in real estate, whether you're an individual, a team, or an organization - and we collaborate with industry associations too. Use the menu below to find the best options for you and your organization.



Earn an education certificate - Data Governance or Digital Competency

Virtual Learning Studio - live webinars, expert-led, timely pratical insights

Join a virtual learning lab  - with one or more team members

Attend a 2 day learning lab - in major markets (schedule TBD)

Access an individual subscription - for IDM implementation support 

Join the OSCRE Community - share perspectives and lessons learned

Improve your personal digital literacy



Take on-demand courses together - to mobilize your team quickly

Take Learning Labs together - equip your team(s) to manage change

Build digital literacy to increase team effectiveness

Group discounts for team education & training, email us info@oscre.org



Implement OSCRE Industry Data ModelTM - enterprise-wide integration

Leverage the Enterprise Toolkit - real estate & enterprise data modeling 

Send teams to on-demand education - equip them for digital maturity

Join as a global or national member - learn from others and collaborate

Participate in the Council of 100 - executive-level innovation and action



Build Your Digital Future in Real Estate™ 

 Helpful Resources

Are you confident that the data you’re using to make decisions during the COVID-19 pandemic are timely and accurate? If not, we can help. OSCRE will now provide the real estate industry with free and open access to the OSCRE Industry Data Model™, the first step in standardizing your approach to collecting and managing data.

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