OSCRE's Industry Data ModelTM

OSCRE's Industry Data ModelTM (IDM) is a comprehensive real estate integrated data model, with free access, open standards, that enables you to address real estate asset lifecycle management. It contains all the data definitions used in OSCRE's 130+ use cases, and is the perfect place to start to develop your data strategy for real estate, including corporate real estate data standards and real estate investment data standards.

Features of the OSCRE Industry Data ModelTM include:
  1. Defines over 130 use cases within one integrated data model to help build your data strategy for real estate.
  2. Downloadable technical schemas for each use case (in JSON and XML formats).
  3. Powerful searches and filters to help you find exactly which use case you need.
  4. Download the related content one use case at a time.
  5. Browser-based view of the IDM contents with over 1,000 entities and more.
  6. Use cases from across the real estate industry provide benefits to many types of stakeholders.
  7. Source attribution so you can see where OSCRE's IDM incorporates standards from other partners and third-parties.

If you need more help, invest in tools and support packages OSCRE has developed with you in mind, including:

How to videos:
Introduction to the OSCRE IDM                                                                                                                                                                       
Learn about the structure, content and uses of the OSCRE Industry Data ModelTM.
Access the OSCRE IDM                                                                                                                                                                                   
Follow our OSCRE coach as he explains how to access the IDM, get the right license, navigate the menu of uses cases and content that you can download.
The OSCRE IDM is a comprehensive data model in itself. It is ready-made for use in your data modeling projects. Learn how to apply the IDM content to data modeling including how the various types of IDM content can be used.
Build the IDM into EDM                                                                                                                                                                                     
Enterprise Data Modeling (EDM) is a critical function in all organizations. There are some functional and operational connections between the real estate world and the core business, in areas such as Finance, HR, and Operations. The OSCRE IDM is perfectly suited for incorporating core elements of your real estate data model into the enterprise.
This episode in the OSCRE How-to Series discusses how the OSCRE Industry Data ModelTM can be extended to include new use cases and functions, as well as new features in existing use cases, such as lease abstracting and space management.

The OSCRE Industry Data ModelTM (IDM) includes standards developed by other standards organizations, such as the Construction Specification Institute (CSI). CSI has developed both standards, such as OmniClass and Uniformat for construction and facilities management, as well as a tool called CrossWalkTM to link those standards.  OSCRE greatly values its collaboration with CSI and other standards organizations and look forward to incorporating additional standards into the IDM in the near future.

View Sample Use Cases
Case study 
Real Estate Data Standards:
A Model for Industry Collaboration

OSCRE provides free access to

real estate data standards.

To view the OSCRE Industry Data ModelTM follow these steps:

  1. Explore the Data Model
Here is a short video to help you through the process:

OSCRE IDM Licensing Options      OSCRE has established a simple licensing approach to fit your needs whether you're an end user or commerical user. Click to view