OSCRE's Enterprise Toolkit (OET) provides resources to help you build a strong foundation for a real estate data strategy that meets the demands of expanding reporting requirements across many platforms. The OET includes a consolidated view and details of all the use cases contained in the entire OSCRE Industry Data Model™ (IDM) in the form of an Excel workbook with content and tools to help you in your data modeling efforts.
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The Enterprise Toolkit consists of the following items:
  • OSCRE Industry Data Model™ with over 160 existing use cases and a glossary
  • Tools to build your own use cases starting with the IDM that enables you to produce the output you need to implement them
  • Schemas in 2 formats - XML and JSON versions for each use case to help your technical team and technology partners
  • Data Model visualization – a simple tool to generate a snapshot of your use cases using an industry standard (UML) data modeling approach
Toolkit Price: US $1,195
  • To download and use the Toolkit requires acceptance of the OSCRE Enterprise Toolkit Subscription Agreement (OET) (view the agreement).
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  •  OSCRE will send you notification of any updates to the Enterprise Toolkit for one year after purchase.
  • A commercial user intending to include some or all of the Toolkit (OET) content in a product or a service should contact OSCRE to execute a required IDM Commercial Use Agreement.
How You Can Use 
The Enterprise Toolkit
  • Provide a solid foundation for your data strategy
  • Build your own use cases starting with the IDM
  • Develop an Enterprise Data Model for real estate based on industry standards
  • Get a quick start on a Master Data Management project
  • Establish specifications to integrate systems and exchange data
  • Use in discussions with supply chain partners and software vendors (for RFPs, etc.)
  • Quickly find any definitions and relationships for any part of the data model
  • The ability to view the entire OSCRE Industry Data Model™
  • Speed of ramp-up on projects
  • Gaining alignment across the organization
  • Saving time and money on implementations 
  • Getting your organization ready for expanding reporting requirements
  • Reduce corporate risk

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