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The OSCRE Center for Leadership & Innovation explores trends in real estate data and technology and how they affect the industry. 

The Center focuses on innovative perspectives, methodologies and technologies that drive change, including perspectives from facilities managers (FMs), corporate real estate executives and investment managers. The need for real estate standards-based data governance, consistent and accurate reporting has never been more evident than it is today accross the entire real estate supply chain. Our approach includes exploring the power of sustainability data, ESG, proptech, including real estate business intelligence, real estate data analytics, and emerging technologies that use artificial intelligence, machine learning and digital twins.
Council of 100                          
Leadership events held in major locations including New York, Chicago, Toronto and London
Shared Perspectives Short conversations with executives who share their experience
Innovation Forums Webinars on new data management strategies and practices in real estate
OSCRE-led interactive sessions with practical guidance and focus on your questions
Use cases and lessons learned to help build skills as demand for data governance increases
ESG and Sustainability
Market scan on data challenges and ESG data exchange standards project
Digital Competencies
Draft and refine a Digital Competency Model in real estate
Digital Ecosystem
Develop a vision for a data-enabled, integrated network of collaborative connections
Digital Literacy
Equip teams and leadership to advocate and explain a new direction
Master Data Managements    
Disciplines and practices to manage master data using standards 
Change Leadership
Lead the transformation towards a new digital operating vision for real estate

How to get Utility Data from tenants

NAREIM speaks with Michael Daschle of Brookfield Properties and Lisa Stanley of OSCRE


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Case study 
Real Estate Data Standards:
A Model for Industry Collaboration

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