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The goal of The OSCRE Center for Leadership & Innovation is to keep its members and non-members at the forefront of new industry developments. The Center focuses on innovative perspectives, methodologies and technologies that drive change. The need for real estate technology standards-based data governance and consistent and accurate reporting has never been more evident than it is today. Our focus includes exploring the power of proptech, including real estate business intelligence and analytics and emerging technologies that use artificial intelligence, machine learning and distributed digital ledgers (blockchain).
Center for Leadership & Innovation initiatives:
OSCRE has a new series which offers you insights from top industry leaders who share their experience and perspective in a world where the workforce and workplace face new challenges. Gain valuable knowledge from their experience on the following topics:
  • Data Strategy in Real Estate
  • Software Firms Helping Clients
  • Why Integrate Property Data?
  • Changing Nature of Work
  • Solving Data Integration @ UBS
  • Workforce and Workplace
  • Lease Data Supply Chain

These videos are publicly available. They are posted under our Leadership & Innovation menu, Shared Perspectives page.

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Case study 
Real Estate Data Standards:
A Model for Industry Collaboration
The next OSCRE Innovation  Forum will be held Jan. 2022. Topic, time and day TBA.
Contact info@oscre.org for more information.
Due to the extraordinary interest in our Innovation Forum held on Nov. 17, 2021, Digital Twins: A Dynamic Approach to Real Estate Assets, OSCRE has posted the entire one hour recording below. This is an exception to OSCRE's policy which excludes non-OSCRE members from the Innovation Forum recordings. Innovation Forum meetings are open to non-OSCRE members, however, the recordings are not availabe to non-members. To learn more about OSCRE membership click here. Check our website often for more information on the Leadership & Innovation forums, or contact us at info@oscre.org 
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