The goal of The OSCRE Center for Innovation and Leadership is to keep its members at the forefront of new industry developments. The Center focuses on innovative perspectives, methodologies and technologies that drive change. The need for real estate technology standards-based data governance and consistent and accurate reporting has never been more evident than it is today. Our focus includes exploring the power of proptech, including real estate business intelligence and analytics and emerging technologies that use artificial intelligence, machine learning and distributed digital ledgers (blockchain).   

Council of 100 members are a diverse group of strategic visionaries who recognize the value of implementing real estate information standards and real estate investment data standards to sustain business processes and drive better business outcomes. As a corporate member of the Council of 100, you can participate in developing strategic solutions critical to advancing the real estate industry and its business partners in the digital world.

The Council of 100’s vision is to facilitate collaboration among industry professionals to advance the implementation of real estate data standards and effective data governance using technology.

Members of the Council of 100:
  • Will hold current OSCRE membership at one of the following levels, Executive, Industry Partner or Association Partner.
  • Will engage in shaping the digital future of the real estate industry globally, and actively participate in convened meetings that extend beyond networking opportunities to take action.
  • Will support building an effective data governance framework needed for the digital environment. 

If you are interested in becoming part of a collaboration of organizations who want to move our industry forward click here to learn more. If you would like to learn more about our Council of 100 initiative, contact us at info@oscre.org

Are you interested in serving on an OSCRE Committee?

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