NEW! OSCRE Innovation Workshops


Innovation workshops provide you the opportunity for an interactive learning session with experienced project managers and data-focused perspectives. They encourage your questions and willingness to share your experience in facing the datachallenges that exist across the industry. While each workshop will have a topic of interest, we'd like you to actively participate in guiding the discussion to address your needs which may also address a common need shared by others participating in the workshop. The sessions are recorded and made available on the OSCRE website in short segments which allow you to access the recordings in smaller chunks of 10-15 minutes each. The sessions can also be shared with your team members to build theirskills. Building your skills and capabilities adds to your competitive value and that of your organization.

Innovation Workshops

OSCRE offers free Innovation workshops! 
Check back often to see when the next workshop will be offered.
Upcoming Innovation Workshops
The next innovation workshop will be announced soon.