Choosing the Right Standard for Your Needs

Welcome to the OSCRE Industry Data Model (IDM) Download Page. 

How to access the IDM*
  • You will find a simple screen asking for your name and email
  • Once you start your download, please stay logged in until it's finished
  • Please store your copy of the IDM in a safe place 
*Licensing agreement is required
Industry Data Model Glossary
  • IDM contents with over 1,000 entities and more
  • Terms and definitions by use case for the entire IDM
  • Terms and definitions for each of the 130+ use cases in the IDM
  • Identifies entities and attributes by use case

Schemas in XML and JSON

  • Schemas for you technical team.
  • Schemas for 130+ use cases.
  • Build your own use cases with OSCRE Extended Support.
  • Ready to implement.


  Industry Data Model Snapshot
  • Data model files in industry standard UML format.
  • Viewable with most data model viewing tools, such as Modelio.
  • Shows the relationships between IDM entities and attributes.


Please visit our webpage, Industry Data Model, to learn how to access and complete the required, End User Licensing Agreement, or EULA, and how to download the IDM. Access to the IDM is free with a signed licensing agreement.