NEW! OSCRE International announces the Data Governance Learning Lab

The OSCRE Academy enables teams to build critical skills that drive real change towards better business outcomes. This summer we are expanding our education programs to include a Data Governance 2-Day Learning Lab that will Launch in New York City. 

The learning lab takes a face-to-face approach that covers the six core areas of data governance:

  • Building an information-enabled business
  • Linking information management and sourcing strategies
  • Information architecture, data integration and business intelligence
  • Information standards strategy
  • Data quality and data governance
  • Implementation and change leadership

The Learning Lab is an interactive, two-day session where participants will review real estate use cases, case studies and work on a real data governance project. Designed for small group interaction to help you get practical answers to critical questions, share experiences and learn from your peers, you will come away with the ability to build a plan of action to harness the power of data along the entire asset lifecycle and improve decision making. You will earn a certificate upon successful completion of this interactive lab.

Learn how to build the framework for an effective real estate data governance program and grow your organization's data governance maturity capabilities. Email us for dates and cities. Enroll now. 


The OSCRE Academy offers two, on-demand, web-based certificate programs which are presented by industry professionals to help you build skills, strategy and solutions. 

These OSCRE Academy Certificate Programs are delivered in a 10-webinar series. Each session is 60-minutes, except for the final session which is 90-minutes. The sessions are recorded to enable you, the learner, to review the material, or take the course at your own pace, as your schedule permits. You will have access to the program for one-year from your enrollment date. 

To successfully complete the program and earn your certificate, you will need to view all 10 webinars and complete the accompanying assessments.

On demand Certificate programs

This one-of-a kind program will help you build the skills you need to take the next steps to build digital competency, competitive advantage and improve business outcomes.

Learn more about the Building Digital Competency in Real Estate Program. 

Enroll here for the "Building Digital Competency in Real Estate Program" - Program fee US$395.00

The Data Governance Certificate Program has a 92% satisfaction rating from those who have completed the program and 92% of those who completed also said they are able to apply what they have learned in their work immediately or in the near future.

Learn more about the Data Governance Certificate Program.

Enroll here for the "Data Governance Certificate Program" - Program fee US$395.00                ____________________________________________________________________________________________

  • Please email us if you have any questions about the OSCRE Academy Certificate Programs. 

Building skills to drive your future

Self-paced, on-demand programs are offered


OSCRE Academy Program - Two-day Data Governance Learning Lab - Email us to learn more.   

Enroll now!

Date and Location:
Cohn Reznick Innovation Lab
1301 6th Avenue (Avenue of the Americas)
Seventh Floor New York, NY 10019
Date: Tuesday and Wednesday, July 23 and 24, 2019
Time: 8:00 am - 4:30 pm (Class starts at 8:30 AM)


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