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Implementation workshops provide you the opportunity to bring your questions to experienced project managers. They encourage your questions and willingness to share your experience in facing various data challenges. The sessions are recorded and made available in short segments which allow you to access the recordings in smaller chunks of 10-15 minutes each. The sessions can also be shared with your team members to build their skills. Building your skills and capabilities expands your career options and competitive advantage for your organization.
OSCRE Implementation Workshops,
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A Focus on Business Partner Integration

Data standards play a critical role in data integration between clients and their business partners, including service and software procurement. This new workshop series takes a how-to approach including building language for Requests for Proposals (RFPs) to reflect the commitment to standardizing data and explores the types of use cases OSCRE’s Industry Data Model™ (IDM) offers to help in procurement and integration. 

OSCRE’s Implementation Workshop Series includes a combination of guidance from implementers and dialog with peers joining the event.  Sample use cases will be presented for discussion, including OSCRE’s newly released energy data standards