What is the Council of 100?

  • Diverse group of industry stakeholders
  • Investment and corporate real estate leaders
  • Limited to 100 innovative organizations
  • Committed to action on Council priorities
  • Seeking new approaches to real estate data integration
  • Building data aggregation into operations

 How will the council achieve its objectives?

  • Sharing perspective to address the big issues facing the industry
  • Current environment emphasizes the need for consistent data
  • Meetings currently virtual – resuming in major markets soon
  • Build digital competencies for the real estate asset lifecycle 
  • Project collaboration on high priority issues 
  • Support integrations based on standards

To join the Council of 100 maintain OSCRE membership at Executive, Industry Partner or Association Partner level 

As a corporate member of the Council of 100, you can participate in developing strategic solutions critical to advancing the real estate industry and its business partners in the digital world.

The Council of 100’s vision is to facilitate collaboration among industry professionals to advance the implementation of real estate data standards and effective data governance using technology. The current environment has brought the issue of data accessibility, consistency and accuracy front and center for corporate real estate and investment organizations alike, as they have struggled with assessing risk and decision-making to improve outcomes in an uncertain environment.

Members of the Council of 100:

  • Will hold current OSCRE membership at one of the following levels, Executive, Industry Partner or Association Partner.
  • Will engage in shaping the digital future of the real estate industry globally, and actively participate in convened meetings that extend beyond networking opportunities to take action.
  • Will support building an effective data governance framework needed for the digital environment. 

If you are interested in becoming part of a collaboration of organizations who want to move our industry forward email us.

Make the commitment today to:

  • Take action - drive real change in the industry. 
  • Advance your role and your organization as an industry leader.  


Email us to get started.
Collaborate for a Digital Future
Due to global health concerns the
OSCRE Council of 100 meetings
have been moved to a virtual format.
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A Model for Industry Collaboration
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