build an enterprise-wide data model using the OSCRE Standards

OSCRE's provides direct training in the use and implementation of OSCRE Standards.  OSCRE's Standards Training Program is focused on building the capabilities in your organization and your people to build OSCRE Standards into strategies, operations and systems. Training is delivered through workshops - a combination of standard and customized sessions. The workshops are developed to address the needs for:

  1. Leadership teams responsible for project sponsorship and strategies where OSCRE Standards apply
  2. Implementation teams made up of representatives from the business, IT, and business partners
  3. Individuals as an extension of the core curriculum of the OSCRE Academy.

The OSCRE Training program includes a variety of formats and objectives, such as:

  • Training Sessions on the OSCRE Standards, including the use cases and functions the standards support
  • Data Modeling Workshops to build an enterprise-wide data model using the OSCRE Standards
  • Implementation workshops help teams build the capabilities to apply what they learn about standards and data modeling.
  • Data Governance Workshops to assist in building OSCRE standards into data governance programs
  • Change Leadership Workshops to help build capabilities to lead the organizational change aspects of standards implementation.
  • Information Standards Strategy Workshops to help an organization building its strategy for implementing real estate data standards

The OSCRE Training program also encompasses:

  • Program planning at the outset based on a readiness assessment - ensures training fits the organization's objectives
  • Core curriculum around the specific standards OSCRE offers
  • Customized training sessions and workshops tailored to the specific needs of the organization, and it's teams and professionals.
  • Core Team training to build new capabilities in a cross-functional team moist likely accountable for implementation later
  • Unit pricing per session and per workshop based a jointly developed training plan
  • 1/2-day formats often delivered in waves or free-standing
  • Onsite or online delivery
  • Experienced trainers with functional knowledge and experience in standards implementation

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  • Are we ready to implement real estate data standards?
  • How do we get standards implemented?
  • How do standards affect our service contracts?
  • How do we integrate data using standards?

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