OSCRE’s focus is expanding beyond developing standards to include new programs, products and services for real estate that enable you and the industry to harness the power of data to achieve better outcomes.
If your organization is an OSCRE corporate member you can join industry leaders who are sharing their perspective and experience to help OSCRE meet the changing needs of the industry. Just a few hours of your time in the coming months can make a significant impact.
OSCRE currently has five volunteer opportunities open to OSCRE corporate members. If you are a OSCRE member and interested in learning more about these committees, please contact OSCRE, email us at info@oscre.org
Join a committee and …
  • Make a difference by sharing your expertise
  • Provide leadership for the industry
  • Meet industry professionals facing the same challenges you are
  • Sharpen your leadership and professional skills



  Marketing, Communications
  and Membership
  Develop OSCRE’s brand awareness. Identify market opportunities and member segments for the organization to advance membership. Develop messaging for OSCRE initiatives.
  Operations   Guide the organization in developing and optimizing operational procedures and processes. Provide financial oversight in support of the organization’s strategic initiatives and operational resource needs.
  Product Roadmap   Assist in the development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of OSCRE’s products and services to meet industry needs.
 Standards Development   Provide guidance for the OSCRE IDM to help ensure industry relevance of the OSCRE Industry Data ModelTM (IDM) through individual use cases and implementation business cases.