real estate digital ecosystem is an information-enabled network of collaborative internal and external business partners that use technology to connect business functions, strategies, competencies, and actions.

The goal of the Center is to keep OSCRE members at the forefront of innovative developments in the industry. The Council of 100 is a new initiative to enable industry leaders to share knowledge and work in collaboration to transform the way digital information drives the real estate industry. More information
The OSCRE Academy is expanding its Data Governance Certificate Program by introducing its first Learning Lab. In this interactive workshop environment participants will gain the skills needed to assess and grow their organization's data governance maturity capabilities. Data Governance Learning Lab

OSCRE's Reference Data Model is a comprehensive revision of the OSCRE standards into one consolidated resource containing all OSCRE standards in one place. Learn more

A message from OSCRE’s Chairman, Naseem Wenzel, Partner, Cohn Reznick

“We support OSCRE’s focus on transforming the way digital information drives the real estate industry, and believe that the Council of 100 fills a critical need. As our world becomes more data-driven, OSCRE has expanded into education and training in data governance, digital competency, and emerging technologies. We’ve also improved the OSCRE Standards by producing an industry-standard reference data model with new user-friendly tools to aid in implementation. These expanded services and tools are designed to meet the changing needs of the industry, and continue to promote an effective strategy for standards-driven data governance as the foundation for the real estate industry’s digital future.”