OSCRE drives best practices to collect and share real estate data from multiple sources,
and provides training to build new skills and capabilities as a data-driven organization.
  • Solid foundation for analytics
  • Data model to bring consistent data from multiple sources  
  • Confidence in decisions based on better data management    
  • Improved corporate governance with better data management
  • Ability to respond to change quickly
  • Central role for data exchange standards   
  • Upskill individuals, teams and the organization as a whole
  • Build a digital future based on new competencies
  • Optimize your ability to work with internal and external business partners


  • Quicker start with your data strategy
  • Faster project execution with implementation guidelines 
  • Increased speed as the organization develops new skills and capabilities
  • Lower cost of operations along the entire asset lifecycle
  • Savings in implementation and technology costs
  • Redirect resources to improve data management
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