OSCRE International Launches Environmental Data Standards Project for Commercial Real Estate Industry...learn more

OSCRE is a global, non-profit, member-based organization. Our members include corporate real estate owners, occupiers and investors, and the software firms, consultants and service providers who work with them.

Our approach includes all data aspects of the real estate asset lifecycle, and brings technical support and benefits to executives, technical teams, and function/business leads. We enhance our Open Access Industry Data ModelTM with education and training as well as confidential guidance, implementation support, and tools to meet the specific needs of your organization helping you build new skills and capabilities as a data-driven organization.

  • Solid foundation for analytics
  • Data model to bring consistent data from multiple sources
  • Confidence in decisions based on better data management   

ESG Data Standards

  • Participate in OSCRE's Data strategy project
  • Start with an integrated ESG data strategy
  • Link assets to funds and portfolios 
  • Confirms corporate ESG commitment

  • Upskill individuals, teams and the organization as a whole
  • Build a digital future based on new competencies
  • Optimize ability to work with internal and external partners

  • Quicker start with your data strategy
  • Faster project execution with implementation guidelines
  • Increased speed as the organization builds new capabilities

  • Improved real estate corporate data governance with better data management
  • Ability to respond to change quickly
  • Central role for data exchange standards

  • Lower cost of operations along the entire asset lifecycle
  • Savings in implementation and technology costs
  • Redirect resources to improve data management

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