Collaborate with OSCRE to build your skills and capabilities for a digital future in real estate. The OSCRE Industry Data ModelTM (IDM) is an open-access, consolidated data model covering many aspects of managing the real estate asset lifecycle. We've launched a number of new education, training and support options to help you develop new skills and implement the IDM in your organization, in the industry, and across the globe.  This combination of resources is especially valuable in your digital transformation efforts and in building effective real estate data governance and digital competencies. View press release about OSCRE's free and open access to the real estate data model.

NEW! OSCRE Real Estate Industry Data ModelTM Open Access
  • Free access to downloadable use cases 
  • 3-minute video: How to access the IDM
  • Powerful tool fully accessible to your business
  • Implementation saves you time and cost
  • Better insights for better decisions
    NEW! Virtual Training Options from the OSCRE Academy
  • Virtual Learning Studio - live, timely, practical 
  • Learning Labs - 2 virtual formats, great for teams 
    • Option 1 - Series for a single organization
    • Option 2 - Series for multiple organizations
  • Learning Labs include workshops to apply skills learned
  • Elements of Data Governance & Digital Competency programs
  NEW! Implementation Support Subscriptions
  • Get help to implement the OSCRE Industry Data ModelTM
  • Includes OSCRE Implementation Trainer support
  • Access to How-to videos
  • Engage with the OSCRE Community
  • 2 packages available - Essentials and Extended
  NEW! OSCRE Enterprise Toolkit for Data Modeling
  • Robust resource to fast track your progress
  • Full data model glossary for download
  • 1000 entities, 7,000 attributes, 450 code lists
  • Tools to help you build a real estate data model
  • Link real estate with enterprise data models
  On-demand certificate programs from the OSCRE Academy
  • Access the program when and were you want
  • Build your team's capabilities for a digital future
  • Data Governance in Real Estate
  • Building Digital Competencies in Real Estate


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NEW! Virtual Learning Studio

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Enhanced Value Proposition

The OSCRE Industry ModelTM (IDM) is a powerful tool for data strategy, data modeling, and real estate data integration, and a lot more. The value to you is enhanced by implementation support, training, education and tools to help you implement the IDM. Click to view a one-page summary of the value proposition.

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