Due to recent global health concerns all in-person meetings have been postponed or moved to teleconference when possible. OSCRE staff is following the best practices and doing their part to stop the coronavirus spread. OSCRE thanks you for the precautions you're taking to help reduce the virus spread. 

The goal of the Center is to keep OSCRE members at the forefront of innovative developments in the industry. The Council of 100 is a new initiative where industry leaders share knowledge and collaboration to transform the way digital information drives the real estate industry. Members of the Council include Fortune 500 firms, government agencies, mid-size and small businesses, as well as start-ups and even a unicorn or two.

The OSCRE Academy enables teams to build critical skills that drive real change towards better business outcomes. Learn more about OSCRE Academy programs. 

OSCRE's Real Estate Industry Data Model is a comprehensive revision of the OSCRE standards into one consolidated resource containing all OSCRE standards in one place. Learn more

London Innovation Forums

Significant activity continues in the UK with a series of OSCRE Real Estate Innovation Forums focused on data exchanges between lawyers, property managers serving fund managers and the fund managers themselves.  A group of projects will emerge from these meetings starting with lease abstracts, the Model Commercial Lease, and portfolio profiles. These Innovation Forums are being held under the umbrella of OSCRE's Council of 100 programme. For more information, contact OSCRE.



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Due to recent global health concerns OSCRE in-person meetings have been postponed or moved to teleconference when possible.

Contact OSCRE if you have a question regarding meeting schedules.