OSCRE Partners with IFMA to Offer Training to Members - View press release

OSCRE International is a corporate member organization focused on the development and implementation of real estate data standards that form the foundation of a powerful strategy for digital transformation. OSCRE provides free access to an integrated, use case-driven real estate Industry Data Model™ (IDM) and a variety of training options for corporate members and non-members that enable you to start building your digital future in real estate today. OSCRE's tools and training enables you and your organization to define, interpret and share data accross the entire real estate asset lifecyle and provides a roadmap for competitive advantage.

Watch this short video to learn more about corporate membership. OSCRE corporate members include real estate owners, occupiers and investors, and the software firms, consultants and service providers.

Collaborate to build a digital future for your organization and change the industry.
Integrate internal and external data using OSCRE’s tools.
Transform into a data-driven organization with new skills and capabilities.

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