Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) initiatives have become a top priority for the industry, and provide a unique opportunity for collaboration betweeninvestors, owners and occupiers. While what they do with the data may vary, they share a common need for what’s collected at the real estate asset level that’s accessible, consistent and can be exchanged across multiple systems, providing a catalyst to attract more investment in real estate. 

The time is now to dramatically improve the flow of ESG data between these stakeholders and across the industry, to link asset level data with portfolios and to attractnew investment in funds based on improved ESG capabilities and performance. OSCRE's focus is on the ESG data standards needed to go beyond real estate reporting for ESG, and to help integrate data coming from diverse systems and platforms many of which are managed by others.

“At Brookfield, sound ESG practices are integral to building resilient businesses and creating long-term value for our investors and other stakeholders,” said Pourhashemi. “Our industry, however, continues to face significant challenges with collecting, validating and reporting on ESG data as well as on other meaningful metrics. Through my new role at OSCRE, I’m excited to tackle these challenges to help drive the industry forward.”
- Soheil Pourhashemi, OSCRE Chairperson of the Board, and Senior Vice President, Head of Technology at Brookfield Properties

If you’d like to know more about OSCRE’s ESG Initiative, please email us at info@oscre.org for more information.

Assessment of the Current State of ESG Data

  • No current standards for ESG data exchange
  • Limited ability to integrate ESG data along the supply chain
  • Integration problematic from asset to portfolio level
  • Regulatory reporting requirements expanding
  • Focus must be more expansive than reporting

OSCRE Focus - Solving ESG Data Challenges

  • Data integration is a priority
  • New standards extend the existing OSCRE IDM
  • Corporate governance relies on effective data governance
  • ESG data management practices are key to improvement

ESG Data Standards Project to Launch Soon

  • ESG Data standards for exchange of environmental data
  • Collaboration of diverse industry stakeholders
  • Leveraging OSCRE Industry Data ModelTM  to get started