OSCRE has established a simple set of licenses based on what you need and how you plan to use OSCRE's Industry Data Model TM (IDM), products and support, as well as resources from partners such as HACT.  Please consult the options below that will guide you to the right license to fit your needs.  

Please note that we have established a separate license for end users and vendors. Vendors include software firms, consultants, & service providers.  Vendors must contact OSCRE for a Vendor License Agreement or if you have any questions as to which license applies.

End users can review the license and accept the terms online to gain access to the IDM. If you're a vendor, please contact OSCRE to request a license to access and use the IDM.  Additional OSCRE products and tools are now available to help you implement the IDM - you may need a user license to access them.  Please see below.

    Open access to real estate data standards with registration
    Full use-case driven industry data model
    Find functions and use cases across a broad spectrum
    Separate licenses for end users and vendors fit for purpose
    Some organizations may need both depending on use
    IDM End User License 

    Vendors - contact OSCRE



    Specific developed for the social housing sector in the UK
    Growing list of use cases
    Built on a foundation of the OSCRE IDM
    Creative Commons license applies for use of these standards 
    Look at OSCRE IDM for other functions - separate license - see above

    HACT License

    UK Housing Data Standards


    Implementation support is single-user subscription
    Subscription lasts for one year and can be renewed 
    Tailored to individuals and teams
    Same subscription agreement applies to both support packages

    Subscription Agreement

    Implementation Support

    Powerful enterprise data model tools with full view into the OSCRE IDM
    Initial download plus updates for an annual period
    Similar licensing approach as OSCRE IDM - end users and vendors 
    Toolkit End User License

    Vendors contact OSCRE

    Enterprise Toolkit



    Vendors contact OSCRE

    Vendors contact OSCRE

    Vendors contact OSCRE

    Vendors contact OSCRE

    Vendors contact OSCRE

    Go to OSCRE IDM