OSCRE Mission Statement
To guide and inform the commercial real estate community on how information standards and technology maximize value, today and tomorrow.                

OSCRE International is a collaboration of organizations and individuals focused on the development and implementation of real estate standards. For more than 15 years, we’ve  shared your vision and commitment to build high performance organizations, bringing digital information together from multiple sources and platforms. 

It’s an approach that covers the entire lifecycle of an asset or investment that improves data quality, transparency and data governance.  OSCRE Standards enable information to be shared and analyzed within organizations, between business partners and around the world.  

Our members are:

Corporate Occupiers Public and Private
Service Providers Pension Funds and REITs
Governments Fund Administrators
Software Firms Investment Managers
Consulting Firms Benchmarking Organizations
Reporting Agencies
Domestic and International Small Businesses


Why should you and your organization be a part of OSCRE?

  • OSCRE provides you a stable and scalable framework to develop an information-enabled strategy that improves decision-making and performance.
  • Standards should be an integral part of the business case to address data integrity, data governance and benchmarking, and part of your implementation plan.
  • A standards-based approach has lower total cost of ownership of systems and data management.
  • OSCRE Standards use a core data model to ensure conformity, consistency and ease of integration with service providers’ systems and databases.
  • Implementing OSCRE Standards benefits team members up, down and along the flow of information.
  • OSCRE is about transforming the way digital information drives your real estate business.

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