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OSCRE Mission Statement
OSCRE International is a corporate member-based non-profit organization focused on Transforming the way digital information drives your real estate business™.

We are uniquely positioned to support the development and implementation of real estate data standards and effective data governance practices using the OSCRE Industry Data Model (IDM). This data model has been developed in collaboration with real estate industry representatives from member organizations around the world.  Our corporate members include Fortune 500 firms, government agencies, mid-size and small businesses, as well as start-ups and even a unicorn or two. They recognize that data standards are critical to successfully implement emerging technologies and drive better performance for multiple stakeholders in the real estate industry.  

Our members are:

Corporate Occupiers Public and Private
Service Providers Pension Funds and REITs
Governments Fund Administrators
Software Firms Investment Managers
Consulting Firms Industry Associations


Why should you and your organization be a part of OSCRE?


  • Save time and money building your data strategy start with the Industry Data Model.
  • Build a solid foundation for data integration and data governance standards are critical to both.
  • Lower your total cost of ownership of systems and data.
  • Build scarce skills in your teams and organization a variety of education and training offerings.
  • Collaborate on new standards projects and extend the Industry Data Model to fit your needs.
  • Strengthen your data management contracts with your business partners and software firms. 
  • Accelerate the shift to truly digital real estate working with other industry leaders.


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