OSCRE International is a corporate member-based non-profit organization focused on Building your digital future in real estate™.

We are uniquely positioned to support the development and implementation of real estate data standards and effective data governance practices using the OSCRE Industry Data ModelTM (IDM). This data model has been developed in collaboration with real estate industry representatives from member organizations around the world.  Our corporate members include Fortune 500 firms, government agencies, mid-size and small businesses, as well as start-ups and even a unicorn or two. They recognize that data standards are critical to successfully implement emerging technologies and drive better performance for multiple stakeholders in the real estate industry.  

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Explore OSCRE Corporate Membership Opportunities

To view additional benefits provided with membership, compare OSCRE membership benefits on the chart below.

All OSCRE corporate members receive the following benefits listed below. Membership levels also provide additional benefits, please compare the additional benefits in the comparision chart below.
  • Easy access to the OSCRE Real Estate Industry Data ModelTM, real estate technology standards with fast and easy registration.
  • Deploy OSCRE Standards - Data Model, Use Cases, Schemas, Classifications and more.
  • Collaborate with peers to develop and enhance data standards based on your business.
  • Resource Library - case studies, white papers,  webinars, accompanying  playbacks and slide decks.
  • Share perspectives on business issues and build valuable relationships in our knowledge sharing events.
  • Attend OSCRE webinars on important industry topics.
  • Build skills with training and support and assess your real estate data governance maturity.
  • Address industry challenges through workgroups, committees and advisory boards.
  • Serve as a change leader on the board, committees and workgroups.
  • Identify your company as a supporter of global real estate technology standards.
Our members include real estate owners, occupiers and investors, and the software firms, consultants and service providers who work with them. Contact us for more information.
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Comparison chart for OSCRE  membership levels









PARTNER $6,000


Number of

Board Votes

Members can run for the OSCRE Board. The number of Board votes your organization has varies by level of membership




Council of 100 Invitation only
Diverse group of strategic visionaries Committed to action
recognize value of implementing standards. 
Share perspectives with peer organizations in any and all Council events globally Join the Council of 100 events throughout the year in your country or region -
Project Participation Collaborate in standards development projects to enhance the Industry Data Model. Participate in
any or all OSCRE projects globally this year.
Participate in
any or all OSCRE projects
in your country or region
this year.
Participate in one specific standards project this year.
Additional projects at the same membership fee/project.
Education and Training
  • Build skills and capabilities
  • Organization, teams + individuals
  • Plan and implement projects including the Industry Data Model
  • Orientation workshop (2-hours) 
  • Custom training delivered virtually up to 4-hours 
1 Customized Webinar -

OSCRE Academy 

Complimentary  enrollments per year

Complimentary slots to enroll in OSCRE Academy on-demand programs 5  2 1
Discounts Discounts on services and customized training to fit your organization's needs  20% 10% 5%
Annual Planning Workshop
  • Set future direction
  • Change your strategies and projects to implement OSCRE Standards
Tailored to your organization's needs - timed to meet planning calendar for next fiscal year: 2-hour virtual meeting to enable you to develop high level action plan 90-minute webinar identifying areas of focus to be included in your annual planning for implementation  -
Data Governance Maturity Assessment
  • Assess your organization's real estate data governance maturity 
  • Set priorities for action to improve ability to implement OSCRE Standards and drive change.
Consolidated assessment based on your team's input and 2-hour virtual feedback session Excel based tool for use in maturity assesment  -

What members are saying...

"We believe in promoting the open sharing of data across the real estate industry. OSCRE and their committment to establishing, publishing and promoting data standards is pivotal to the industry realizing this goal. We support OSCRE’s continued investment in data standardization and commoditization and its associated beneficial impact.”


Damien Georges, Senior Vice President & GM Investment Management