OSCRE Council of 100

Convene. Collaborate. Take Action.

Help Build the Digital Future of Real Estate

The real estate industry is becoming increasingly digital, and greater focus than ever before is on the information that drives better business decisions at every level of your organization. How do you position yourself and your organization as a leader in information strategy? OSCRE’s Council of 100 is the place to share your perspective and insights that can truly drive change in the industry. The timing couldn’t be better.

What is the Council of 100? It’s senior leaders who commit to collaborate, convene and take action to build a digital ecosystem for real estate. 

  • Collaborate with diverse visionaries – your peers, customers and business partners
  • Shape the digital real estate industry beyond your organization and beyond borders
  • Convene and cultivate solutions to take action on the big issues in a variety of locations and remotely
  • Participate in OSCRE’s strategy focused on the digital future of real estate

Why join the Council of 100?

  • Make sure your voice is heard in shaping the future of the industry
  • Assess your organization’s digital strategy and improve your digital competency 
  • Gain insight and practical perspective ahead of the rest of the industry 
  • Engage your team and raise their awareness and capabilities for the digital world 
  • Learn skills to build the digital future for your organization 
  • Actively participate in convened meetings beyond simple networking  
  • Opportunities to meet peers in major markets in North America and Europe 
  • Join a continuing dialog in the OSCRE Online Community 
  • Explore how emerging technologies affect your organization and the industry as a whole

Participation is limited to just 100 organizations. Make the commitment today to advance your role and your organization as an industry leader. If your organization isn’t yet a member of OSCRE, it’s time to join.  You must maintain OSCRE membership at the Executive, Industry Partner or Association Partner level to participate in this senior industry leadership group. Meetings have been held in New York City and London. 

The next meeting of the Council of the 100 will be in San Francisco this fall.

Act now.  Email lori.walters@oscre.org to get started.

 "The most difficult thing is the decision to act - the rest is merely tenacity." Amelia Earhart

This is innovation at its best.    Participation is limited to 100 member organizations with the commitment to drive change.

Council of 100 latest news...

Coming soon! 

  London 4th qtr. 2019

  San Francisco Dec. 2019

Council of 100 London

Council of 100 NYC

Council of 100 Chicago

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