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Designing the digital future of real estate



Provide an environment that fosters collaboration and innovation between IT and business leaders that advances the digital future of real estate

 OSCRE Council 100 Members    Collaborate

OSCRE’s Council of 100 is a diverse group of stakeholders and visionaries who are committed to developing strategic solutions critical to advancing corporate real estate, the real estate investment sector and business partners in the digital world.


Reserve your seat at the table and: 

  • Address data aggregation challenges with other industry stakeholders
  • Actively "mind the gap" in data integration 
  • Develop solutions that affect real change in the industry 

Act now to participate in the next Council of 100 Innovation Forum:
Trends Shaping the Risk Landscape for Real Estate

Meeting date: Thursday, December 5, 2019
 8:30 am - 4:00 pm
Meeting location: San Francisco, CA

Participation is limited to 100 organizations. Make the commitment today to advance your role and your organization as an industry leader.  

You must maintain OSCRE membership at the Executive, Industry Partner or Association Partner level to participate in this senior industry leadership group. 

Email lori.walters@oscre.org to get started.




         Innovation at its best.

 Next Meeting:

 December 5, 2019

 San Fransisco, CA

 Wells Fargo

 Transbay Gateway branch,

 333 Market Street

 San Francisco, CA 94105

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Coming soon - meetings in:

London, UK  Q1, 2020

Dallas, TX Q2, 2020


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