OSCRE's Council of 100

Designing the digital future of real estate

 What is the Council of 100?
  • Diverse group of industry stakeholders
  • Investment and corporate real estate leaders
  • Limited to 100 innovative organizations
  • Committed to action on Council priorities
  • Seeking new approaches to data integration
  • Building data aggregation into operations
 How will it achieve its objectives?
  • Quarterly meetings in major markets
  • Meeting topics that build on each other
  • Emphasis on building digital competencies 
  • Project collaboration on high priority issues 
  • Influence industry by taking action together
  • Support integrations based on standards

Act now. Participate in the next Council of 100 Innovation Forum

Make the commitment today to:

  • Take action - drive real change in the industry. 
  • Advance your role and your organization as an industry leader.  

To join the Council of 100, maintain OSCRE membership at Executive, Industry Partner or Association Partner level 

Email lori.walters@oscre.org to get started.

Coming soon - meetings in:

London, UK  Q1, 2020

NY, NY          TBD

Toronto, CA   TBD

Dallas, TX     TBD

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Curious about prior meetings?

Council of 100 NYC - Oct 2018

Council of 100 London - Jan 2019

Council of 100 Chicago June 2019

Council of 100 San Francisco - Dec 2019