2 New OSCRE Series - "Shared Perspectives" and "How To" Implement Standards
The OSCRE Shared Perspectives Series is made up of short conversations with industry leaders who are willing to share their experience and perspectives on how to face challenges in a data-driven real estate industry. Each session is no more that 30 minutes long. 
The OSCRE How To Series is a series of informational and training videos on specific aspects of implementation of the OSCRE Industry Data Model and data standards.
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Managing the Changes Ahead in the Workforce and Workplace

The economic disruption caused by Covid-19 is resulting in structural changes in the way we work and in the workplaces we use. This panel discusses some of the solutions they and their clients are implementing to manage the changes ahead.


David Karpook                        Cheryl Jefferies                       Phil Wales
VP Operations                         Senior Principal, HOK           President + CEO
Planon Corporation                                                                eBusiness Strategies

Chris Lees


How To Series - combination of public and subscription-based resources
Chris Lees, Technical Director, OSCRE International
This episode in the OSCRE How To Series discusses how the OSCRE Industry Data Model can be extended to include new use cases and functions, as well as new features in existing use cases, such as lease abstracting or space management.  



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