OSCRE Shared Perspectives Series

OSCRE has developed this series of short conversations with industry leaders who are willing to share their experience and perspective in a world where the workforce and workplace face new challenges.  
Each contributor is a leader in their own right who will candidly discuss their view of the industry, including the need for better data integrity faster, new insights that improve decision-making and the nearly instantaneous economic adjustment period we are experiencing as a result of the COVID-19 virus. 
This new series is an intended to assist you in navigating the changing real estate landscape, whether you’re an owner, investor, occupier, or a business partner. We hope you’ll find them useful.  

Naseem Wenzel
Real Estate Advisory Services

Data Strategy in Real Estate

What does data strategy mean??
What's the value of a data strategy?
What are the key considerations in a data strategy?
How can OSCRE be an accelerator?
How can we move from current to future levels of maturity?

Hans Pedersen
Senior Director
Product Develppment
Yardi Systems

How Software Firms are Helping Clients During the Pandemic.

Managing short terms pressures with leases
Changes to product development approaches
New tools and functiuonality?
What clients should do next


Peter Crain
Director General
Portfolio Requirements
Dept. of Defense, Canada

 Why Integrate?

Why integrate property data?
What kinds of decisions do need to make?
What kind of data do we need?
How do we configure a data architecture?
What challenges do we face?
What solutions should we pursue?
What have we learned?

Maureen Ehrenberg
Global Head
Real Estate Operations and Strategic Services, WeWork
Changing Nature of Work and the Workplace

With shifts to constant transformation, the nature of work is changing permanently. This session touches on aspects of changes in the workforce, effective teaming, leadership, and trends in the use of technology and data to empower real estate organizations to face changes already underway in the workplace.

David Karpook

VP Operations
Planon Corporation 


Cheryl Jefferies

Senior Principal, HOK

Phil Wales

President + CEO
eBusiness Strategies


Managing the Changes Ahead in the Workforce and Workplace.

The economic disruption caused by Covid-19 is resulting in structural changes in the way we work and in the workplaces we use. This panel discusses some of the solutions they and their clients are implementing to manage the changes ahead.


James Marvel
Director of Business Technology, UBS Realty Investors

Solving Data Integration @ UBS

Data integration is a critical need amongst investment firms looking to get a more complete view of their portfolio.  UBS is implementing some highly practical solutions to bringing for data together for decision-making and is implementing data standards inc injunctions with a data governance program.

Chris Lees
Technical Director

OSCRE International


Lease Data Supply Chain

The Lease Data Supply chain involves all the sources, systems and exchange mechanism that support to movement of lease data from origination to its use in portfolio analytics.

This session provides perspective on the components of the lease data supply chain, challenges we face today in effective exchange of lease data, and some of the solutions including the role of data models.