How can I access the OSCRE Standards?

OSCRE corporate members have access to the standards. Contact OSCRE for access verification. If you have any questions click here.

How can I access the Data Governance Glossary?

You must be enrolled in the OSCRE Academy to download the Data Governance Glossary.

Can I extend the OSCRE Standards with additional data that I need?

OSCRE Standards provide a strong framework for the data that drives your organization at every level. Once you’ve downloaded a standard, you’ll be able you to expand it to best meet your organization’s needs. OSCRE Standards are built on a Core Data Model, which contains the primary data elements organizations need to enable information exchange between end users and their business partners.

Does my system need to handle XML to use an OSCRE standard?

Ideally yes, although an organization implementing an OSCRE standard will start with an XSD which defines the structure of data for their XML. OSCRE standards can be adapted and implemented through the most commonly used structures. Some transformation may be needed to mapped to proprietary data structures.

What does OSCRE's Resource Library contain and how do I get access?

The OSCRE Resource Library provides members with access to the OSCRE Data Dictionary, case studies, space classification code list, playbacks for webinars and their accompanying slide decks. You can have access to all these resources as part of your core member benefits. Contact OSCRE for member verification and more information on the resource library.

What is the OSCRE Data Dictionary?

The Data Dictionary is a collection of over 5,000 real estate terms, defining components and data items included in the OSCRE Standards. It is a great tool to help organizations develop a common data set when addressing information that is collected on multiple platforms, particularly those going through mergers and acquisitions and joint ventures.

What OSCRE projects or workgroups can I get involved in?

OSCRE organizes workgroups to develop and update standards.  New workgroups are being formed on a regular basis.  Find out more about current activities and serving on these workgroups by contacting OSCRE. Contact OSCRE for information on workgroups and participation.

What is the OSCRE Academy?

The OSCRE Academy is a resource to help you navigate an influx of information by leveraging technology and data standards. Learn more.

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