Update: The Securities and Exchange Commission adopted final rules on March 6, 2024 to require registrants to disclose certain climate-related information in registration statements and annual reports. Since that final rule was adopted, numerous suits have been filed to challenge the rulemaking authority of the SEC in this matter. As a result, the SEC in early April exercised its discretion to stay the final rule pending review in the Eighth Circuit U.S Court of Appeals.  We will be following this legal action and will provide updates. Please note a stay temporarily halts enforcement. If the courts rule favorably for the SEC, large accelerated filers will still be expected to report full-year 2025 data.

Energy Data Standards & New SEC Reporting Requirements

Are you aware of the new SEC reporting requirements relating to environmental data? 

Download your copy of the SEC Fact Sheet here

The OSCRE Energy Data Standards will help you get ready by providing:

  1. A thorough means of collecting data on energy use and contributions to Scopes 1 and 2 emissions.
  2. A standard method for identifying and specifying energy aspects of climate-related targets and goals.
  3. Support for assurance of the emissions data based on lineage and audits enabled by data standards

Online Education

Learn how to implement the Energy Data Standards.

OSCRE has launched an online education series on Effective Energy Data Management

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Energy Data Standards - 5 Use Cases

Access and implement the use cases without charge with a simple registration step. This includes one data model standard and four data exchange standards:

  1. Energy Data Set
  2. Direct emissions policy
  3. Collect energy data from functional owners
  4. Energy data reporting requirements of supply chain
  5. Collect energy data from supply chain
Business Case for Energy Data Standards

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Role of Energy Data Standards in the Supply Chain