Are you and your organization interested in learning how Blockchain technology will transform the way you do business and explore participating in a Blockchain Initiative? Please join us in New York City to discuss use cases for this emerging technology, identify a use case to move forward for a proof-of-concept model and develop a pilot project that demonstrates the value of Blockchain  This powerful technology is  much more than a cryptocurrency – think smart contracts, transparency, improved security and real time reporting.



What is Blockchain?

Blockchain is a cloud-based permanent, distributed digital ledger of activities between parties that:

  • Improves data transparency 
  • Reduces manual processes
  • Is regulator-friendly
  • Provides higher security than current platforms - no single failure point - uses encryption
  • Improves data governance - single source of truth
  • Leverages standards for simple and complex transactions
  • Speeds up transaction processing
  • Reduces costs
  • Provides more effective risk management

    The most recognized blockchain application is Bitcoin (cryptocurrency), and there are hundreds of others including Ethereum (smart contracts and currency) and Ripple (Private or Permissioned).

What is Blockchain?

Potential use cases include:

  • Lease and lease management - FASB/IASB Reporting Requirements
  • Recording of ownership and other records management
  • Identity management
  • Automated contracts
  • Title, escrow, buy/sell
  • Appraisal
  • JV Reporting
  • Front office liquidity - buy/sell
  • Middle office - property master
  • Fund administration outsourcing

The OSCRE Blockchain Initiative is focused on bringing people and organizations together to explore blockchain technology in real estate and advance the discussion to action - a collaboration that results in defining use cases and completing pilot projects.  As part of this initiative, we will address the question, “How will this technology affect the IT strategy of the various stakeholders within the organization and external business partners?”                                                                    

OSCRE will manage the overall effort and provide ongoing support for the relevant activities. The core principle is a standards-based approach to data governance as a strong foundation for building on blockchain technology. 

  • It’s the time to act.
  • Be proactive - avoid inherent risk in doing nothing.
  • Access industry intelligence to strengthen your competitive position.
  • Collaborate and share knowledge with your innovative peers.
  • Guide your organization’s strategy for emerging technology strategy
  • Set expectations for business partners to optimize their performance in transactions.
  • Be an industry leader.
  • Differentiate your organization from those not participating.
  • Catch up with progress being in other industries that engage with real estate like finch
  • Leverage advances from Blockchain platforms already in use and yielding benefits. 
  • Gear up before the tipping point.
  • The initial investment in joining OSCRE’s Blockchain Initiative as an executive level member is $20,000.00.
  • Minimal investment compared to other emerging technology initiatives.

Be part of accelerating the real estate industry’s emergence into an information-enabled industry!

“If the rate of change on the outside exceeds the rate of change on the inside, then the end is near.”                

- Jack Welch   





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Why Join OSCRE's Blockchain Initiative?

  • Establish your blockchain strategy now. 
  • Stay on top of industry developments as they happen.
  • "First mover" access to a real estate-specific, blockchain ecosystem.
  • Your access to industry intelligence gathered in this initiative puts you in a strong competitive position - ahead of those who aren't participating.
  • Optimize performance across your business. 
  • Drive integration with other industry-specific blockchain initiatives (i.e. Finance, Insurance, Supply Chain, etc.) 
  • Accelerate the real estate industry’s shift to being truly information-enabled.
  • Learn from your innovative peers.
  • Influence how blockchain technology enhances real estate transactions and operations.
  • Identify high value use cases.
  • Collaborate in pilot projects with experienced blockchain professionals.
  • Other industries that engage with real estate have made significant advancements in building blockchain platforms that are already in use and yielding benefits.
  • Focus on work that matters - help guide a standards-based blockchain strategy for our industry and for your organization.
  • There is an inherent risk in doing nothing to address emerging technologies, including blockchain.

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For more information on how you can join this initiative, please email us at info@oscre.org.