CoreNet Global and OSCRE International Announce New Affiliation 

Providing Data Governance Education to Advance

Corporate Real Estate’s Digital Future

CoreNet Global, the Global Association for Corporate Real Estate and OSCRE International,  have announced a new collaborative education initiative designed to provide CoreNet Global members access to OSCRE’s data governance certificate education program.


“CoreNet Global recognizes that our members need to build the skill set necessary to compete in an increasingly digital world. We are partnering with OSCRE on a self-paced, web-based program of study that will be added to our growing library of virtual classroom offerings,” said Angela Cain, Chief Executive Officer of CoreNet Global. “This is one example of our content curation model that is allowing us to expand our learning curriculum through partnerships with trusted subject matter experts.”

“The real estate industry is undergoing transformational change that drives decisions at every level of the organization. It starts with building the human skills and the business framework for CRE to build a firm foundation for the digital future. We look forward to our collaboration with CoreNet Global,” said Lisa Stanley, OSCRE’s CEO.


We live in an increasingly digital world. A review by Gartner of job postings over the past decade shows a 60 percent growth in jobs that have a specific technology requirement. To meet the needs of the new digital workplace, organizations and individuals need to quickly develop digital capabilities. 

As an initiative of OSCRE's Center of Innovation and Leadership, the OSCRE Academy focuses on enabling teams to build critical skills to drive real change towards better business outcomes. 

OSCRE Academy Certificate Programs are delivered in a 10-webinar series. Each session is 60-minutes, except for the final session which is 90-minutes. The sessions are recorded to enable you, the learner, to review the material, or take the course at your own pace, as your schedule permits. You will have access to the program for one-year from your enrollment date. 

To successfully complete the program and earn your certificate, you will need to view all 10 webinars and complete the accompanying assessments.

Certificate programs

This one-of-a kind program will help you build the skills you need to take the next steps to build digital competency, competitive advantage and improve business outcomes.

Learn more about the Building Digital Competency in Real Estate Program. 

Enroll here for the "Building Digital Competency in Real Estate Program" - Program fee US$395.00

The Data Governance Certificate Program has a 92% satisfaction rating from those who have completed the program and 92% of those who completed also said they are able to apply what they have learned in their work immediately or in the near future.

Learn more about the Data Governance Certificate Program.

Enroll here for the "Data Governance Certificate Program" - Program fee US$395.00


Please email us if you have any questions about the OSCRE Academy Certificate Programs. 

Building skills to drive your future

Programs are self-paced, online


The OSCRE Academy's new program, "Building Digital Competency in Real Estate" is beginning            September 12, 2018.                          Program fee US$395.00

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