Are you interested in helping OSCRE meet the changing needs of the industry? We need YOU!

Your perspective and experience are critical to OSCRE’s relevance in meeting the changing needs of the industry. Our focus is expanding beyond standards to include new programs, products and services for real estate that help you and the industry. It’s about learning how to harness the power of data to achieve better outcomes.


Just a few hours of your time in the coming months can make a big impact. Why join a committee?

  • Make a difference – share your perspective and experience.
  • Provide leadership for the industry.
  • Meet industry professionals facing the same challenges you are.
  • Sharpen your professional skills.

The following 5 committees are being organized now to help OSCRE move forward and address the following areas:

1.  Council of 100 – Naseem Wenzel, Cohn Reznick and Rick Ferrino, Co-chairmen

     Focused on developing program topics and projects, and finding speakers and case studies for convened meetings.      

     The Council of 100 meets as a group, in person and virtually, to advance action and solutions to the big challenges 

     facing the real estate industry.


2.   Marketing, Communications and Membership – Melissa Morgan, Serraview, Chairman

      Focused on developing OSCRE’s brand, guides the organization in identifying the value proposition for membership and

      various member segments, market opportunities to advance membership and member engagement, encourages

      industry-wide support and implementation of real estate data standards and fosters constructive collaboration to

      advance the corporate real estate (CRE) and investment sectors of the industry.

3.   Operations – Graeme Lambert, Canada Life, Chairman

      Guide the organization to develop and optimize operational procedures and processes and provide financial oversight in

      support of the organization’s strategic initiatives and operational resource needs.

4.   Product Strategy and Development – Dennis Main, Equity Commonwealth, Chairman

      Plan, and assist the management team in the development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of OSCRE’s

      products and services to meet industry needs, including recommendations for fees to access OSCRE’s intellectual

      property, products and services.

5.   Strategic Planning – HoChun Ho, JLL and Adele Pugliese, Bentall Kennedy, Co-chairmen

      Provide guidance in developing a mid- to long-range plan for the organization that ensures the relevance of OSCRE as

      a significant contributor to the advancement of the corporate real estate and investment sectors.  Makes

      recommendations to the board of directors will include education needs assessment, evaluation and exploration of

      emerging technologies, and fostering OSCRE’s role as a convener for thought leadership for the industry.

________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Please email lori.walters@oscre.org to volunteer, and let us know which committee you would like to serve on. Meetings are held via conference call and will not require travel. Email us today!