The next version is coming...!

On October 5th, 2020 OSCRE published the latest Industry Data Model - release candidate 1 for version 3.3. The consultation period closes on Friday 30th October. If you wish to review and comment on this release candidate, please follow the instructions below and ensure that your feedback is received no later than this closing date.

You can review the entire OSCRE IDM at https://oscre.org/idm?version=idm-main-3_3rc1.

To review the new version of the HACT UK Housing Data Standard, please visit https://oscre.org/idm?version=idm-main-3_3rc1&product=HACT.

To leave feedback, or ask questions about this release candidate, please go to our 3.3rc1 consultation community page. Please be as specific as possible with feedback, where appropriate including the names of business case sections, process maps, use cases, entities, code lists or attributes on which you are commenting.

The majority of these changes between this version and the previous version 3.2 have arisen from the Development Handover projects undertaken with HACT and UK social housing stakeholders. In addition, documentation has been added for many more attributes, and some typographical errors corrected.