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June E-news: Blockchain is Coming to Real Estate

In the June 2016 newsletter, OSCRE's CIO, Ian Cameron, discusses Blockchain and why it may be of significance to the real estate industry.

As well, our CEO, Lisa Stanley, describes recent activities in both Europe and North America, including the formation of IREDEC, a collaboration of several international standards organizations. We also feature an industry spotlight on one of our newest members, Planon Inc.

The body of the newsletter is available in PDF form. You may access it by clicking this link: Newsletter June 2016

International Real Estate Data Exchange Council Launches Collaboration

Orlando, FL, June 15, 2016 Five leading international data standards organizations, FIDJI (France), gif (Germany), INREV (Europe), OSCRE International (UK, North America) and REDEX (Netherlands) have formed the International Real Estate Data Exchange Council (IREDEC) and signed a collaborative agreement. The intent is to harmonize existing international data exchange standards to meet the requirements of investors, fund managers and service providers of cross border investments.

The body of the announcement is available in PDF form. You may access it by clicking this link: IREDEC Announcement

Coming Soon—The OSCRE Academy

OSCRE is rolling out the OSCRE Academy. This academy is currently under development. It is an Education Certificate program that takes a web-based approach to learning. This program of study will enable your team members to advance their knowledge in the following key areas:

  • Building an information-enabled business
  • Linking information management and sourcing strategies
  • Information architecture, data integration and business intelligence
  • Building an information standards strategy
  • Data quality and data governance
  • Implementation and change leadership

Workgroups are addressing

  • development of a Quality Assurance and OSCRE Standards Compliance Program
  • a discussion on a core data approach to Integrated Facilities Management (IFM)

More knowledge sharing events are also planned in major markets. We are finishing up the content for the web-based certificate program in the coming weeks. Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information about the OSCRE Academy.

An OSCRE White Paper:
The Changing Role of Information in Integrated Facilities Management (IFM)

The world is changing when it comes to information in facilities management. For the first time in the industry, several critical advances are converging. The questions moving to the forefront have become, “What’s Happening, What Does it All Mean and Where are We Going?” While the topic is information, the issues and influences are core to the business of IFM. You can access the entire white paper at this link: OSCRE's IFM Whitepaper.

Getting to Know OSCRE: Information Exchange Standards at Work

Are you interested in learning how OSCRE Standards can improve data quality and data transfer, and your organization’s performance? Access the playback and slide deck of this webinar to learn:

  • How to access OSCRE resources and files.
  • Expand your understanding of what OSCRE is – the benefits of engagement.
  • Showcase some recent examples of OSCRE implementations.
  • Put OSCRE benefits in perspective - for your company and for you.
  • Equip you to ask questions and engage in the right conversation.

Access the Webinar

Access the slide deck


Surprising but not uncommon…

Do newer buildings have higher energy usage per square foot than older ones? Benchmarking data collected by FM BENCHMARKING reports some findings that may surprise you. In 2013 (the last full year reported), data showed the median building A 4-10 years old consumed 28.4 kWh per sq. ft., while those 11-20 years old consumed 25.7 kWh per sq. ft. Reported data on buildings 21-50 years old weighed in the middle at 26.5 kWh per sq. ft. why the difference? Many newer buildings aren’t re-commissioned in their early years, and as a result, equipment doesn't remain tuned up as well as it could be.


Did you know?

67% of participants on a recent OSCRE webinar reported they have implemented information exchange standards in their business operations.

David Johnson, Global Chief Information Officer
Jones Lang LaSalle

Who’s Committed to OSCRE Standards?

JLL plans to leverage OSCRE standards

"Yardi is a proud sponsor of OSCRE and we see OSCRE playing an important role in the maintenance of definitions and standards within the industry."

Robert Teel, Senior Vice President Global Services

"Open standards increase compatibility between software and reduce costs for the client. They enable property software systems from many different manufacturers to share and exchange data with ease, eliminating the errors derived from rekeying. As a founding member of OSCRE, we believe everyone should support the cost savings and improved accuracy that common standards can now offer. OSCRE is a key component in our company’s best of breed strategy."

Graham Davies, Business Development Director
Trace Solutions

JLL plans to leverage OSCRE standards

"The creation and adherence of data and information standards will be critical to the growth and advancement of the Commercial Real Estate Industry in the short term and for years to come as we progress through a time of disruption and rebirth. Use of standards will be especially important for service firms like JLL as we strive to meet the diverse needs of all of our clients. OSCRE sits at the core of creation, promotion and maintenance of these standards and plays a vital industry role in advancing both productivity and profitability of its members. JLL plans to leverage both OSCRE standards and its core rapid delivery process to facilitate and accelerate our data integration processes between ourselves, our partners and our clients to make sure we do things as fast as we can, in a cost effective manner, with the highest quality outcome possible.”

David Johnson, Global Chief Information Officer
Jones Lang LaSalle

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