OSCRE Provides Support in the Implementation of Standards

OSCRE is supporting standards implementation including:

  • Training and collaborating with OSCRE Implementation Partners and their customers.
  • Pilot projects with companies involved in workgroups for new OSCRE Standards.
  • Proof of Concept projects with other international standards organizations, such as IREDEC.

End–to–End Implementation Support - OSCRE supports implementation from initial strategy and roadmap, through functional and systems design, building, testing, and rolling out a OSCRE in compliant solution. 

Implementation Support for Members and Non–Members - Implementation support services can be contracted for by both members and non–members.  Members can take advantage of discounted pricing - see membership benefits.

World Class Examples

European Investment Manager. Dramatic improvement to information flows from property managers to investment managers in the investment field.

Global Financial Services Company Global integration with service providers, integrating the flow of lease and space information from service provider systems into a centralized internal platform.

Lease Summary Demonstration Performed by collaboration of property owners, real estate managers, property managers and software firms. Encompasses the exchange and flow of information from leases to lease abstracts, to lease administration systems and databases.