Business Case for Implementing OSCRE Standards


Integrate your systems, databases, processes, lines of business and business partners


Build your skills and capabilities to drive innovation and implementation


Ensure the highest possible data quality, data governance, transparency and compliance


Protect your proprietary data models and core capabilities in your business


Lead the change critical for your successful shift to an information-enabled business


Expand portfolios, investments, markets, and your business partnerships   

  • Better information, better decisions, optimized performance
  • Foundational to an information-enabled business model
  • Speed and ease of integration and delivery
  • Consistency, quality and accuracy of data
  • Data for analytics and business intelligence
  • Lower overall cost of ownership of information and systems
  • Improved data governance and risk management
  • Better workflows and process integration 
  • Common definitions and metrics
  • Align with benchmarking organizations


What members are saying.....

"OSCRE standards increase compatibility between software and reduce costs for the client. They enable property software systems from many different manufacturers to share and exchange data with ease, eliminating the errors derived from rekeying. As a founding member of OSCRE, we believe everyone should support the cost savings and improved accuracy that common standards can now offer. OSCRE is a key component in our company’s best of breed strategy."

Graham Davies
Business Development Director
Trace Solutions