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Council of 100

The real estate industry is becoming increasingly digital, and more focused than ever before on data to drive better business decisions at every level of your organization. Leading companies in the real estate industry are actively building their digital ecosystems as a strategic and operating priority. The Council of 100 is focused on shared perspectives to help you begin your journey, or improve the one you’ve already started. More information

Blockchain Initiative

Blockchain is more than a disruptor, it is a foundational change. As emerging technologies are accelerating, taking a “let’s wait and see what happens” approach can be dangerous.  OSCRE has launched a Blockchain Initiative that will convene in New York City on October 25, 2018. Participants will identify a use case, proof-of-concept model and pilot project. Blockchain Initiative


The OSCRE Academy focuses on enabling teams to build critical skills that drive real change towards better business outcomes.  Two web-based certificate programs presented by industry professionals are available to help you build skills, strategy and solutions. 

Building Digital Competency Certificate Program Start with a strong foundation by acquiring the skills you need to build digital competency and build competitive advantage. Data Governance Certificate ProgramIt’s about the data – learn how to build for effective data governance capabilities - for you and your organization.  

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